'The whole point of democracy is caring about what other people feel'
Why empathy and social responsibility are key points in political discussion over COVID measures
Freedom, Empathy, Vaccines, DeathListen now (45 min) | The FrameLab podcast returns. George and Gil discuss freedom, empathy and COVID-19 vaccines, as well as the differences between…
Opposition to COVID-19 safety measures reveals a twisted definition of 'freedom'
Incisive analysis of politics, language and your brain in an era of rising authoritarianism
Welcome to FrameLab, podcast and newsletter about politics, language and your brain. Written by Dr. George Lakoff and Gil Duran. Sign up now so you…
Bloomberg vs. DemocratsListen now (23 min) | In Episode 18, George and Gil discuss Bloomberg's entry into the 2020 Democratic primary and what it means.
ImpeachmentListen now (30 min) | In Episode 17 of Framelab, George and Gil return to discuss the dangers, challenges and frames of impeachment.
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