I am taking the last of a three day zoom session on "Words That Win" and this newsletter hits the mark. Democrats must reframe the discussions and lead with their frames and not Republican frames. Democrats must learn how to write and speak using their own values, mention who doesn't believe in those values and then speak of a vision of how to move forward and get our values put in place, like voting and getting youthful voters registered and excited about voting.

Democrats can do this and it will be done between here in state elections as well as in 2024 Presidential election. Anybody with the savvy and experience that Biden has will win the election. His mental acuity is healthy, his physical health is excellent.

By the way, the reason Republicans are holding America hostage over the debt ceiling and asking for ridiculous cuts is to undermine the booming economy and GDP, the amazing job growth, and his lowering of the deficit which he inherited from Trump. That's their sole reason for it and they need to be held accountable.

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I heard an interview today with one of Nebraska's legislators, who has been filibustering to slow a vote on a bill to prohibit gender-affirming care for children in that state. She did a great job framing the bill as taking away parental rights, and the freedom to decide on healthcare for their children, and indicated that if it were deemed acceptable in this situation, parental rights could be taken away in other situations as well. Although she discussed the mean-spirited nature of the bill and its relatively narrow impact, she really focusing on the parental freedom angle. Well done.

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I've respected your work for many years and continue to do so. As someone who believed in the kind of Democrats you described, how does this comport with a Democratic president who tells rich donors behind closed doors that "nothing will fundamentally change" for them, who has never pushed for the public option he used to counter calls for Medicare for ALL, and who intervened to take away rail workers' collective bargaining rights?

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I'm thrilled to see this.

What would thrill me more is if a Democrat could properly reframe the party around BOTH versions of freedom:

For example, labor unions are the result of a properly functioning free market in the absence of regulation. Government restrictions on labor unions is anti-freedom. It's government interfering with the free market.

Lawsuits are the product of a properly functioning free market in the absence of regulation. Government limitations on corporate liability is anti-freedom. It's government interfering with the free market.

I could go on. Freedom for Democrats isn't just the one version of freedom. They are only true free market party.

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Your newsletter is very helpful. Thanks for doing it.

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